A new video on a rare 5-string kantele

July 12, 2019

A new video played on a rare and an unique 5-string kantele is now published on youtube. This instrument is the only known piece of a 5-string kantele model that was made in series by the kantele master Antero Vornanen in 1930’s. Antero Vornanen (1889–1937) was a famous Karelian kanteleplayer who also made small (5- […]


Two 5-string kanteles from the 19th century

July 03, 2019

There is a new video on Arja’s  youtube-chanel played on two 19th century 5-string kantele replicas. They are hollowed out from below in accordance with the northern models, and both are made by Rauno Nieminen. (Read more: The Polymorphic Kantele.) The 5-string kantele from Northern Ostrobothnia made by H. Roponen in 1893 is kept at […]


Turku Art Museum, June the 1st – Kanteleimprovisations and the Four Elements

May 25, 2019

Arja Kastinen will be playing kanteleimprovisations at the Four elements -exhibion at Turku Art Museum on the 1st of June from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visitors can stay and listen for the time they want, and enjoy the art at the same time. Presenting classical and contemporary art side by side, the exhibition offers […]


RIIVATTU (AANIA-33)–The first single release of a new series

May 02, 2019

RIIVATTU (AANIA-33), single release (digit.) May 2, 2019. Published by Ääniä Records ( EAN 6430024090802. Musicians: Teppana Jänis (in 1916 and 1917) & Arja Kastinen (2019). Tracks: Ruohtalazen falssi (ISRC FI7KA1900023) Riivattu alias Ristakondra (ISRC FI7KA1900024) Comp. Teppana Jänis.                                                               Arrangements, recording & editing: Arja Kastinen. Noise reduction from the phonograph recordings & mastering:         […]


Five-string kanteles in the Sibelius-museum

April 29, 2019

A file about the five-string kanteles in the Sibelius-museum (Turku, Finland) is published both as a Issuu-publication and as a downloadable pdf-file (please, visit: Research). All museum-kantele files on the Temps-site are at the moment available only in Finnish. In the Sibelius-museum there is a so called Olympic-kantele by Armas J. Koivisto (built for the […]