Arja’s solo performance

Arja’s solo performance is an experimental journey to the dim and distant past seeking to uphold tradition while creating new things. In her music Arja uses several different kantele replicas, and combines old and new playing techniques and scales. This brings out a versatile combination of different timbres and moods.


  • A long-lasting meditative improvisation is based on the esthetics of slow music, in which there are no individual songs but only onward floating music with constant variations. The duration can vary, according to agreement, from about half an hour to several hours. If wanted, the audience can be given the possibility to lie down, and during the longer performances, also to arrive and leave whenever they want – but in silence. This kind of performance suits often well for art exhibitions.
  • Kaksituntinen soitto Haiharan taidekeskuksella 22.7.2018

    An improvisation concert is more like a normal concert situation. It can include shorter sections and instrument introduction, or stories touching the music. The duration by agreement, for example 45 min. Well suited to music festivals.

    Konsertti Auki -joogakoulussa Tampereella 27.10.2018. Kuva: Meri Tiitola.

  • A short performance as part of another occasion like the opening of an art exhibition, or perhaps a birthday party                        (- you can order a special improvisation for the birthday hero!). Duration by agreement.