Old hymns with improvisations and new arrangements – Paula Tuomisto (organ and singing) & Arja Kastinen (kanteles)

“Rukoilevaisuus” is a revivalist movement born in south-western Finland during the 18th century. The movement has a special hymn tradition and some parts of it still use the hymnal from 1701. They also have song collections of their own, and some of the songs are tagged in the name of the vicar Abraham Achrenius (1706–1769).

Paula and Arja are making a new combination from this tradition in which the hymns are performed on organ and kanteles, including also improvisation.

The concert includes 7 hymns with new arrangements, and 2 hymns as singing together. The concert is suitable for a church that does not have a particularly long reverb, because the musicians are placed on the opposite sides of the church.

Contact: kantele@temps.fi / tuomisto.paula@gmail.com

Tel: +358400797227