Runosong-kantele duo, Taito Hoffrén & Arja Kastinen

Taito Hoffrén ( and Arja Kastinen have been collaborating already for over a decade. Their performances are a continuum of the ancient tradition in which the old kantelemusic was an essential part of the Baltic Finnish runosong tradition, and in which the musicians are improvising on the waves of the slow esthetics. The story goes on with ongoing minimalistic variations, at times as a solo of the singer, at times accompanied by the kantele and at times easing up on kantele solos.

Taito is specialized on the lyrics of Arhippa Perttunen (1769-1841), and thus this duo has performed Arhippa´s “Marian virsi” (Maria´s hymn) -song several times as one concert.

Taito is a master of improvising new texts, as well, so it is also possible to order a performance connected to a special theme, as you wish.

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