Runosong & kantele workshop

In the runosong-kantele workshop you can study the singing technique of the runosong tradition and combine it with playing the kantele. It is also possible to focus on either, if you wish, but the basic aim on this workshop is to  combine these two art forms in the modern times as they were in the ancient tradition.

The focus is on creative music making inside the esthetics of the runosong culture. Some features of the contents can be prioritized according to the wishes of the participants e.g. we can concentrate on learning several different runosong tunes; or on learning lyrics from a certain singer; or on creating new lyrics; or on learning different playing techniques and generating  different sorts of timbres as a part of developing the story etc.

The workshop can be organized as a short one (for some hours) or a longer one (for a day or a weekend, for example). The workshop instructors will come to you, so if you want a worshop, and you have a suitable place and participants, please contact us!

The instructors: Taito Hoffrén ( and Arja Kastinen

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