Teacher education on improvising and composing with children

The new curriculums for Finnish elementary schools and music schools have brought composing as one of the keystones in music education.

This educational package contains basic principles of improvising (free/regulated) and making variations (melodic/rhythmic/chord based), and practical exercises. Through examples we will learn how improvising and making variations can lead to making compositions and thus to the practical work of teachers’. We will try out different exercises and methods which can be used and applied in guiding pupils of different ages and different levels to a creative way of making music.

The duration of one package is 5 x 45 minutes.

Recommended number of participants is about from 5 to 15.

Instructor: Arja Kastinen, Doctor of Music

Contact: kantele@temps.fi / tel. +358400797227

Improkoulutusta Jyväskylässä JAMKin ja Gradian opettajille 9.8.2018. Kouluttajina Virpi Veskoniemi ja Arja Kastinen.