Arja’s concert at the Emanuel Vigeland’s Mausoleum, June 12 – Buy the tickets now!


May 10, 2015

If you are interested in coming to listen to Arja’s concert at the Emanuel Vigeland’s mausoleum in Oslo, June 12, and you want to be sure of getting the ticket (the mausoleum can take 30 listeners), you can buy the ticket in advance over here by PayPal: – The online sale is closed now and the rest of the tickets can be bought at the door.

Photo: Paul Brück, 2007

Photo: Paul Brück, 2007

We are coming to the mausoleum for three days to make acoustical experiments and recordings, and the concert will be recorded, as well. Arja will play the old tradition Finnish kanteles by improvising. Some of the instruments are exact replicas from the 19th century kanteles with brass, bronze or horse hair strings, and some are somewhat modified models with steel strings. They all have their own, individual voice, but at the same time they are all linked together by the exceptional timbre belonging to the ancient kantele instruments. The improvised music’s roots are deep inside the soil of the ancient Finnish-Karelian music tradition while its branches are stretching towards the future.evm

The mausoleum of the Emanuel Vigeland’s (1875-1948) Museum is not only known of the 800 sq.m. fresco Vita but also of the unusual and overwhelming acoustics of the room. The particularly long reverberation inside the fascinating surroundings has enthused many musicians and is very inspiring for acoustic experiments. Since the resonance and the reverberation in the sound of kanteles is already quite remarkable, opens this unique room acoustics the whole new range of possibilities up. The three day recording session will surely be a unique experience, and we hope that this experimental journey will also open new perspectives for us.

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The concert on Friday the 12th of June at 7.30 pm will be recorded by Taito Hoffrén/Aania. A CD is planned to be published from the selected material. This project is supported by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation, and the concert is promoted by the Finnish-Norwegian culture institute FINNO.