Karelian Kantele Tradition

About Karelian kantele players, their music and instruments in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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The Polymorphic Kantele

About kantele replicas, string materials and tuning.

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How to change and clean the strings, early education, videos etc.

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News & the blog

Kanteles in the Attick – “Ullakko”, Tuupovaara, 24 March 2024

February 25, 2024


At the Kanteleita Ullakolla (Kanteles in the Attick) event, rare small kantels will be heard on Palm Sunday, 24 March 2024 at 14:00 at “Ullakko”, Tuupovaara, Onnelankuja 5, 82730 Joensuu. Arja Kastinen plays the traditional small kanteles and talks about their background. There are rare copies of museum kanteles and newer examples. The instruments date […]


A puzzling hollow kantele SM1910 in the Sibelius Museum, Turku

February 24, 2024


During the last decade, I photographed and measured all the kanteles in the Sibelius Museum at that time: 8 five-stringed, 7 small kanteles larger than five-stringed, and 27 large kanteles. In addition, there were 8 instruments whose classification is more or less controversial. In 2019, I published information about the Sibelius Museum’s five-string kanteles, and […]