The two small kantele weekends in summer 2015 at the wonderful Kortisto organic farm


May 29, 2015

The summer and the kantele courses are approaching! Yesterday I visited the Kortisto estate  – the venue for the coming weekend courses – and here you can see some fresh photos. The place is wonderful; a hand-hewn log house (space and double rooms on two floors), a dining room with big windows, a veranda, a hut, a smoke sauna by the pond (a beautiful changing room!), and some additional double rooms also in a charming outbuilding. We will spend two marvellous kantele weekends enjoying good food, good company and the smoke sauna with the beautiful Finnish nature! And as an extra treat for those who are interested there is also a possibility to book a peat treatment.  The beginners course is in June 26-28, and the Intermediate course July 31-August 2. More detailed information about the courses over here. I’m really looking forward to this!


Näkymä lammelta saunojen sisäänkäyntiin ja Pelkkatuvalle. The view from the pond towards the sauna entrance and the log house, “Pelkkatupa”.

Pelkkatuvan pääty.

Pelkkatuvan pääty. One side of the log house.








Alakerran oleskelu- ja työskentelytilaa.

Alakerran oleskelu- ja työskentelytilaa. The downstairs space – behind you can see the dining room with big windows.

Suuri-ikkunainen ruokailuhuone.

Suuri-ikkunainen ruokailuhuone. The dining room from where you can also go to the veranda.

Näkymä alakerran oleskelutilaan rappusten yläpäästä.

Näkymä alakerran oleskelutilaan rappusten yläpäästä. The view from the the top of the stairs.

Pelkkatuvan yläkerran parvi.

Pelkkatuvan yläkerran parvi. The upstairs balcony.

Yksi Pelkkatuvan kahden hengen huoneista.

Yksi Pelkkatuvan kahden hengen huoneista. A double room in the log house.

Pelkkatuvan eteisen seinä.

Pelkkatuvan eteisen seinä. The wall beside the front door.


Aitta. The outbuilding with double rooms.

Kahden hengen huone aitassa.

Kahden hengen huone aitassa. The double room in the outbuilding.


Keinumäki. The swing.



Kota. The hut.

Kodan tulisija.

Kodan tulisija. The fireplace in the hut.


Lampi. The pond.

Suihkuhuone ja ovi savusaunaan.

Suihkuhuone ja ovi savusaunaan. The door that leads into the smoke sauna.

Saunan pukuhuoneen takka.

Saunan pukuhuoneen takka. The fireplace and the sauna elf in the changing room for the sauna.

Saunan pukuhuone.

Saunan pukuhuone. The sauna changing room.


Veranta. The veranda.


Saunat on rakennettu maan alle.

Saunat on rakennettu maan alle. The sauna is built underground.


Puucee. The outhouse.