Small kantele weekends for the summer 2016 are scheduled


August 16, 2015

The two retreat-like small kantele weekends happened this summer at the organic Kortisto farm in Mäntsälä. The place was ideal, a dream to come true, and thus we scheduled the same kind of weekends for the summer 2016: The Beginners 5-String Kantele Course July 1-3, and the Intermediate Small Kantele Course July 29-31. Both courses will take 10 participants, and some reservations have already been made, so if you are interested, please make your reservation in advance to:

Here are some photos from this summer.

IMG_6707 (1280x853)

The intermediate course at the hut on Friday night. From the right: Kristiina Vilkman, Clive Tolley (England), Tina Ramnarine (England), osittain piilosssa Chifuyu Otani (Japan/Finland), on the left Maire Ikonen.


IMG_6450 (1024x683)

The beginners course, from the left: Aimo Törmänen, Rauni Tenhovuori, Kirsten Holm (Sweden) and Kirsi Risto.

A coffee break at the terrace:

IMG_6492 (1024x683)

From the left: Kirsi Risto, Kirsten Hom, Alevtina Alyaeva, Heini Hakala, Sinikka Tala, Katriina Vilkman, Rauni Tenhovuori

IMG_6513 (1024x683)

Goldfish in the pond.

On Saturday and Sunday we played at the Pelkkatupa.

IMG_6524 (1024x683)

From the left: Kirsten Holm, Heini Hakala, Kirsi Risto, Kristiina Vilkman, Sinikka Tala, Rauni Tenhovuori, Mirva Keski-Vähälä, Sini Kutschinski, Alevtina Alyaeva.

IMG_6790 (800x533)

The intermediate course, from the left: Maire Ikonen, Clive Tolley, Tina Ramnarine, Tiina Haukijärvi, Sari Päätalo, Chifuyu Otani, Sirkka Paavolainen, Leena-Kaisa Rauhamaa, Kristiina Vilkman.

The premises at the Kortisto farm were excellent for this kind of courses; the hostess and the host were extremely kind, the meals were delicious – pure Finnish food, and the saunas were just heavenly!

IMG_6543 (1024x683)

The hostess and the host: Eija and Jussi Hynninen.

IMG_6738 (533x800)

We enjoyed the Saturday lunch outside. The young talented kantele player Sari Päätalo from Oulu.

IMG_6798 (533x800)

The breakfast and the final lunch were enjoyed at the glass veranda of the main building. From the left: Chifuyu Otani, Sirkka Paavolainen, Kristiina Vilkman and Sari Päätalo, on the back the hostess Eija Hynninen.

IMG_6758 (800x387)

The day concert on Saturday is about to begin..

IMG_6771 (800x533)

… and the concert is over..

On Friday night it was possible to attend the peat treatment at the steam bath, and on Saturday night we enjoyed the soft steams of the smoke sauna and the refreshing swims in the pond. For early birds the smoke sauna offered wonderful relaxing experience even on Sunday morning.

Saunat on rakennettu maan alle.

The entrance to the saunas.

Saunan pukuhuone.

The dressing room.

Ketkä kuvassa?

Who would they be?



IMG_6536 (1024x735)

The participants of the beginners course just before the final lunch on Sunday. From the left: Mirva Keski-Vähälä, Alevtina Alyaeva, Kristiina Vilkman, Sinikka Tala, Heini Hakala, Arja Kastinen (the instructor), Sini Kutschinski, Kirsi Risto, Kirsten Holm, Rauni Tenhovuori (our male backup is already gone..).

IMG_6812 (800x533)

The intermediate course on its final lunch. The special drink made of blackcurrent leaves, “Louhisaaren juoma” was one of special treats of the farm.

Hope to see you in the summer 2016!