Towards the Light – Cheick Cissokho and Arja Kastinen, Nov 5, at the Café Sonck in Helsinki


October 08, 2017

The 30th Etnosoi! Festival celebrations November 1-12, 2017 in Helsinki and Tampere.

You can find the whole programme in here.

On All Saint’s Day weekend we’ll gather in peace and friendship to enjoy the dialogue between kantele and kora. Arja Kastinen, a true expert in meditative kantele playing, meets Cheick Cissokho, a master of the West African kora harp, born in Senegal into a family where kora playing has been passed on from father to son for generations.

Café Sonck (Itäinen Papinkatu 2, Kallion kirkko, Helsinki), November the 5th, at 2 p.m.