Trying out a new way of using the bow


December 19, 2018

As I was looking for new ideas by improvising sometime last February, I found a new way a using the bow. At first it felt more like easy and fun entertainment than a serious way of playing. Nevertheless, I tried out this technique a couple of times during the coming months as a part of some performances. Slowly it started to seem that this technique should be developed further.

And thus, a series of improvisations combining different ideas emerged. The bow is made by Keijo Säteri for the bowed lyre – jouhikko. It has a kind of tip that I can use to drum the strings a bit like in the hammered dulcimer technique.

Kalle-the-cat showed her robust interest on the kanteles while I was playing (or maybe she was just trying to ask for more food, I don’t know), and thus this video is named by her. In the end her persistent pushing was targeted at my bow-arm, and I wasn’t able to play any more – that is why the end of the video is from a later take.