Five-string kanteles in the Sibelius-museum


April 29, 2019

A file about the five-string kanteles in the Sibelius-museum (Turku, Finland) is published both as a Issuu-publication and as a downloadable pdf-file (please, visit: Research). All museum-kantele files on the Temps-site are at the moment available only in Finnish.

In the Sibelius-museum there is a so called Olympic-kantele by Armas J. Koivisto (built for the Helsinki Olympic-games in 1952), a model from 1935 by Antero Vornanen (which is a replica of a 18th century kantele from Ostrobothnia), two museum kantele replicas by Carlo Bergman, a replica from the previous mentioned Olympic-kantele by unknown, two more modern Landola-kanteles (a guitar factory in Pietarsaari, Finland) and one newly made, traditional model by Pekka Lovikka (Ylitornion soitintuote).