A Unique Runoi’s Kantele Camp, June 16-20, 2021, in Mekrijärvi, Ilomantsi


January 03, 2021

The old home place of Simana Sissonen, the runosinger. Photo: Sissosten Sukuseura Ry.

Welcome to participate the unique kantele camp in the landscapes of the runosingers of Ilomantsi in June 16-20, 2021!

This special workshop gives you the tools to combine the ancient runosong and the kantele with creative music making.

You will be familiarized with the two most famous runosingers of Ilomantsi, Simana Sissonen and Mateli Kuivalatar, and the runosong culture of the Border Karelia. You will learn the old plucking technique of the kantele, and the aesthetics of creative music making inside the runosong culture.

Those English speakers who are not able to deal with the runosong texts can concentrate solely on making music and learning to play the kantele.

The instruments used in the workshop are kanteles with strings from 5 to 15 or so. The participants will have the possibility to try out the museum kantele replicas. No previous playing experience is necessary. There is also the possibility to borrow an instrument for the workshop.

The camp is for adults and will take place at the Majatalo PikkuPriha. 15 participants will be admitted in the order of registration. Binding registrations by January 29, 2021.

The program consists of 27 group lessons (45 min. each) and participants’ own work on the basis of assigned tasks, an evening of Simana Sissonen at his old homestead, an evening of Mateli Kuivalatar and mysticism, teachers’ concert, social evening, sauna, and the final concert in which the participants will perform.

Arrival on the evening of June 15. Accommodation is in double rooms. The course fee includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee/tee, dinner and evening snack. There is a possibility for making coffee and tee when wanted.

Liisa Matveinen

The teachers are Liisa Matveinen (runosong) ja Arja Kastinen (kantele). Liisa (MMus) is specialized in the runosong tradition of Simana Sissonen and Mateli Kuivalatar. Arja (DMus) is specialized in the Karelian kanteleimprovisation.

Arja Kastinen at the Sissola in 2020. Photo: Armas Härkönen.










The course fee is 480 €, of which the binding registration fee 100 € will have to be paid by January 29, 2021.

The course is organized by Temps Oy in collaboration with Tmi Matveli, The Contributional Society of Sissola and the Adult Education Center of Ilomantsi (Ilomantsin kansalaisopisto). The is supported by The Kalevala Society (Kalevalaseura), The Rantalan Virta cultural association and The MES foundation.

Inquiries and registrations: kantele@temps.fi