Karelian Kantele Tradition

What do we know about the Karelian Kantel players and their music in the late 1800s and 1900s?

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The Polymorphic Kantele

About the kantele replicas, string materials and tuning.

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How to change and clean the strings, early education, videos etc.

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The new project has started: re-publishing the old phonograph recordings

March 08, 2019


Finally, after dreaming about this for over a decade, the project of re-publishing some of the old phonograph recordings of Karelian kantele players has come true, and the work has started. The amount of work will be huge, and the project will probably last for several years, but the results will be published bit by […]


The Kantele Manufacturer Elias Lönnrot

February 28, 2019


We all know Elias Lönnrot (1802–1884) as the father of the Kalevala–the Finnish national epic. But what people usually don’t know is that he, among many other things, was also an innovator and a manufacturer of kantele instruments, as well as also a teacher of the kantele. Here is one example of Lönnrot’s kanteles; SM95 […]