Karelian Kantele Tradition

What do we know about the Karelian Kantel players and their music in the late 1800s and 1900s?

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The Polymorphic Kantele

About the kantele replicas, string materials and tuning.

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How to change and clean the strings, early education, videos etc.

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Next Kantele Workshop at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi Feb 16, 2020

January 21, 2020


During the spring season 2020 there will be an open kantele workshop once a month at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi. No previous experience is needed. We will experiment with different playing techniques and make easy improvisations. Come and see different small kanteles and have fun playing along with others! The workshop is organized by […]


A comment on the unfortunate misunderstanding among English speakers regarding the string numbers

January 16, 2020


It was about nine years ago when I seriously bumped into this issue for the first time. I was visiting an US based online forum for kanteleplayers and I was following the discussion of our (then) new 11-string kantele guide book Invisible Vibration. I was completely surprised by one comment in which the kantele string […]