Composing workshop for children

This composing workshop is especially suitable for primary school children, but it can also be done with junior high school or high school students.

The pictures of Ateneumin taidesalkku are used as inspiration for the compositions. The children will work in small groups, and each group can choose one picture of which they will make their composition. Pupils can use the instruments of the school, the items around them and the instruments the instructor has brought along.

The workshop can also be carried out as a kantele worshop in which the the compositions are made by using differrent playing techniques on kanteles.

One workshop takes about 1,5 hours. At the beginning we will go through the instruments available and find out what kind of sounds they produce. Also the workshop structure will be explained. After the groups and their workspaces are organized the groups will have about 15 min. to complete a miniature composition from the picture they have chosen – or from the thoughts the picture has brought forth. The compositions can include improvisation. The instructure and the class teacher will visit the groups and give support if needed.

When the agreed time is over, the groups will come back in the classroom, and each group will perform their composition. After the performance, the original name of the painting and the name and information about the artist will be told. It is also possible to video the performances, and the teacher can watch them later with the children, and discuss about the process and the thoughts it provoked.

The aim of this workshop is to inspire children to interpret the feelings and thoughts created by the painting with sounds of music. The compositions are constructed through collaboration and from the ideas found out by improvising and trying out different things. At the same time children also get acquainted with the major works of Finnish art.

Here you can see videos from some kantele workshops.

The workshop instructor: Arja Kastinen.

Contact: / tel. +358400797227